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 Les rencontres d’Embraud 2023 auront lieu du mercredi 2 août au 9 août 2023

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes !

Ca y est la date est fixée! Les inscriptions seront ouvertes au printemps 

Qu’est-ce qu’Embraud ?

Pour les adhérents « CMTN »

Des Rencontres… où rien n’est programmé à l’avance, où le séjour se construit le premier jour, avec les idées, les envies, les demandes et les propositions de chacun…

Des Rencontres… pour le plaisir de la danse et de la musique et des chants de Suède, de Norvège ou d’ailleurs… pour le plaisir de se retrouver, pour le plaisir de rencontrer des gens nouveaux et des copains, pour le plaisir de partager et d’échanger, pour toutes sortes d’ateliers, pour discuter sur de nouveaux projets…

Mais aussi… pour les balades et la relaxation, pour la cuisine, la vaisselle en chantant et les bonnes blagues, pour les bonnes choses à manger ..

C’est à Château-sur-Allier dans l’Allier au bord de l’Allier.

Pour avoir une idée: souvenirs

Would you like to have some nice and fabulous holidays in France this summer ?
We are setting up a meeting for our members and everyone else who wants to join in. You are very welcome!

A meeting…

…whose activities are not planned in advance. Instead we will set up our program together at the beginning of the stay.

A meeting…

… for the sake of meeting old friends and making new ones.
… for the sake of dancing, playing music and singing songs from Scandinavia, France and other places.

But also a meeting …

… to enjoy nature, discover a new country, stroll around, swim in the river …
… and, not least, to enjoy the delicious food of our favourite artists/cooks : Vincent and Isabelle !

“ Embraud” (Château-sur-Allier)

Embraud is the name of a nice old farmstead, which has been restored by “La Chavannée de Montbel”, a traditional music and dance association from the Bourbonnais area.
The farm is situated near Moulins, just by the river Allier and not far from the Tronçais forest, between Berry and Bourbonnais.

There are trains from Paris via Nevers to Saint-Pierre-de-Moutiers, which is the closest railway station where some of us can pick you up. By the way, on the weekend before, there is a nice and big folk festival in the same place!

When? From August 2th 2023 from 4.00 pm to August 9th till 12.00 am

Accommodation and meals

There are three small bedrooms with eight beds altogether, two dormitories (one of them is reserved for the youngsters) and a lot of camping space.
We will all give the cooks a little help in preparing the food.

For the first meal, everybody should bring some food to share.


On the first morning we will meet to collect the participants’ ideas, suggestions and wishes so as to set up a program for the week.

Beside music-and-dance-related activities, it can include walks, bird watching, bathing in the river, sports, games, arts and crafts, cooking, as well as time to relax …

The places are limited to 60 so you will need to book early and before June 30th, it will be possible to book in spring 2023.



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